Hey everyone and welcome to my site!


I would first like to thank you for taking the time to stop by, as we all know, life can get busy and our time is definitely valuable. I originally developed this site just to keep my followers up to date with anything and everything fitness as well as my show dates, photo shoots, and appearances, etc. That was back in 2011 and it's already 2019!

Didn’t I just mention time is valuable.. ha! Time flies...

I have always loved connecting with like-minded people and helping one another achieve goals. I have created this blog to share my life with you... in all elements including fitness, business, outdoors and lifestyle. I hope we can connect and you find value in what we all have to share. I hope to hear your story too...

I have a passion for outdoor adventures and connecting with not only myself but the universal energy around me through the mountains,  ocean and exploring often with long strenuous hikes and summits. Nature is one of our most powerful healers and I will continue to share my adventures with you like this one from Hawaii


I'm a busy mom and dental hygienist (don’t forget to floss) haha... I left dental hygiene almost 8 years ago and have been in corporate medical sales since. I work in business development for the best patient relationship management software on the market. My career is a huge aspect of my life and something I strive to achieve continuous growth. I love every minute of it and believe I've found the yin and yang in life, and that's why I've been able to create balance. Fitness is my passion, and so I have done a number of things including fitness modeling, personal training, competitions, promo events, product affiliates, etc.


I have worked with many clients from a variety of different backgrounds, to help them achieve their specific fitness goals whether it be weight loss, muscle gain or just a better quality of life.

Ok, ok enough about me... For now, my goal is to help others achieve happiness through living a fit and healthy lifestyle, finding balance through the outdoors, nutrition and making yourself a priority.

All the Best,