My Top Book Reads of 2017

This year was filled with content for my mind to become better at everything in life! I love reading and expanding my knowledge in many diverse topics. But like most people, I don't have all the extra time to do so....

This is why I really have enjoyed using the Audible app to download and listen to all the books I want to, while on the go, in the car, during a flight, outdoors adventures where there is no service, cardio sessions, waiting lines and more. The subscription to Audible is cheap and I can get up to 3 free books a month. Most every author now days knows the importance of mobility, so most every book is available. However, there has been some I haven found on here, but in general you should really be happy with this app and cost. Click the link below for a free Audible trial and check it out:

So here were some of my top reads of 2017, I would love for you to share with me your favorite books of this year so I can possibly add them to my 2018 bullet journal!

These are in no particular order, here they are:

Captivate by: Vanessa Van Edwards This was a good energy read, I liked Vanessa's tips on working a room and a crowd as well as great one liners for conversation starters. If your in marketing and sales like I am this stuff is great!

She talks about the same old boring conversations of "Hi, How are you", "Good, and you", "Doing very well, what weather we have here today huh?" blah blah blah....

So very true and relatable! I wouldn't say it is at the top of this list, but definitely deserved the shout out.

Rock Bottom to Rock Star by: Ryan Blair

Love Ryan Blair, he is honest, brutally honest and shows the real side of business. What is takes to succeed, the challenges, overcoming them and knowing whats important. I also appreciate when authors read their own book which he does.

The 10X Rule by: Grant Cardone

If you have not heard of Grant Cardone yet, then where have you been? He is a real estate guru, sales trainer and complete slayer! I enjoy his super high energy, his brutal honestly and sometimes his profanity. He has helped me close deals, learn to negotiate hundreds and thousands of dollars in contracts and move me up in my career. This is one of my favorite reads on this list!

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom By: Tony Robbins

I have always been a huge Tony Robbins fan and was excited to hear this book because is is such a huge element in our lives. Im 33 and definitely thinking about how and when I want to retire and save money. This book is clear cut guidance on the market, how to invest and how to build financial freedom. Tons of very valuable content in here so I have actually read over it at least 3-4 times! You will not be let down by this if you want to multiply your money.

Financial Prospecting by: Jeb Blout

I work in sales and marketing, aside from my blogging and online business and for both prospecting and finding leads is a crucial part of success with any position. The funny part is you don't have to be in sales to sell, we are selling ourselves everyday!

This dynamic digital world and process's are changing so its important for me to learn how to be a valuable asset and be a revenue driver, meaning I must master prospecting. Jeb Blout hit this on the dot! If your in sales you will love this book!

Boss Bitch: A Simple 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career by: Nicole Lapin

Im honest what can I say, this book was very good, but her voice was annoying. Ok ok, I said it now I can breath! Phew...

The content is good, not very technical content, but valuable.

Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life by: Grant Cardone

Another amazing high energy badass book from Grant Cardone. One of my favorite sells books and should be relevant for quite some time. The cover explains it all!

Lean In by: Sheryl Sandberg

This was a book I wasn't expecting to be good, but the reviews were great and I heard Sheryl on a podcast talking a bit about it, so I figured that when I got my next Audible credit I would get this book and give it a listen.

I loved this book so much, I listened to it in one spill on a flight and return flight. She gives a dynamic perspective into the real challenges women still face in the workforce and balancing career and family.

I am far from the feminist type and so was the book really, its very well written with a quality look on an important topic that gives an interesting perspective for men and women from one of America's Top COO's.

The School of Greatness by: Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is always positive and thats honestly what I like about him. Im sure you have heard of this book by now so it probably doesn't need much introduction. Give his podcast a listen also!

Good to Great by: Jim Collins

This dynamic book gave a look at how some very large companies took a shift from being a small company to a very large profitable company. It looks at the characteristics of successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs and how they went through challenges yet came on top in a time when it was a challenge. Really graet stories about companies we all know!

I hope this helps you to select a few new reads for the new year, as I said Im always looking to hear from you guys what your favorites of 2017 are, as well as more topics you would like me to cover as we head into the new year!

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