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More than ever, people just like you and me are seeking ways to spread positivity in our country. One way to do that is to make sure every purchase you make and every gift you give has a positive impact on our planet. prAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items so that consumers feel great about the things they wear and the items they give.

I'm honored to be working with prAna and offer my followers an exclusive discount, but offer you a review on one of my latest outfits! This brand makes super quality gear and workout attire and they keep our planet at the top of their priority list! Based out of SoCal (If you know me this is my Fav...and ill be moving back one day!HA)

Throughout the years prAna has partnered with several local and international charities to help make a difference. Whether it’s cleaning up beaches in Southern California or sending aid to areas affected by natural disasters, they continue to find ways to serve our community.

I always say it’s one thing to be a brand now days, but what is your brand about? What is your story? Who do you help? Checkout Why Hemp Matters

So ...enough about how amazing prAna is as a company in general. Lets talk about this gorgeous outfit I received on behalf of prAna.... #prAnaLovesMe

In this image I am wearing the Rockaway jacket in black and the Caraway tight in cargo green. The quality and comfort of this outfit is top notch, I feel like I'm engulfed in the softest organic material I've ever felt. There are some beautiful shades of blue and green colors in these leggings and I have to say they fit my body and curved in all the right places.

I am a size 0-2 in most jeans or leggings and sometimes Im not sure if I should get a small or an x-small, however their sizing chart is on point as I picked the x-small and they fit perfectly.

There also is an addition drawstring inside to pull and make tighter but I didn't need to use it at all. I wore these all day, not just for my workout. I mean to the grocery store, to pick up my daughter, to work from home, to workout....its and everything outfit if you know what I mean! I

also think if your looking for a quality perfect christmas gift for him or her you should check out what prAna has.

The jacket is perfectly soft, with zip pockets in the front so when I am doing an outdoor workout or running my phone is in place. In addition, it had a light hood that came in handy when I was actually out taking some of these images since I received some sunshine rain drops. The size Im wearing in the jacket is is X-small and again it's black even though I would say its more of a charcoal.

The leggings are my new favorite and I am not even kidding when I say Im now getting them in every color they offer. They are a thicker material with some very vibrant colors. They also have a front sleeve for your phone along the waist line and are high waisted. You will absolutely love these leggings!

Of course, I had to put the gear to the test and went outside for a fall workout since these are so perfect fall colors. I did a full body workout including pushups, pop squats, sprints, lunges and finished off with some yoga as the sun was setting. There was no complaints here, especially with how picky I am on my legging when I run..... These stayed put the entire time, wicked the sweat from my body and was super flexible!

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