Booty Workout for Tighter, Rounder Glutes!

Booty workout sure to make you sore…

Since this whole booty craze thing, I swear Ive been asked for booty workouts more than ever in my fitness career. I figured, no better post than a booty workout for you all to do once a week for a month. Im currently putting together an eBook that has focused leg routines based on current goals. There will be a little bit for everyone in there, so keep an eye out for it in the new year.

Remember that legs and glutes are very large muscle groups in the body. If training legs regularly, you can keep the metabolism high, while helping hold on to lean muscle mass. Also, growing some more muscle in the process. Don’t forget what your eating as well, nutrition is a huge part of the picture here when it comes to females and their glutes and hamstrings. An athlete simply can’t have one without the other!

To start this workout, do a 20 minute warmup on the stairmill to get the blood flow going to the targeted areas. Start with 10 minutes at a comfortable speed. Then intervals for the last ten minutes to really get the heart pumping. Always warmup before you start just banging out squats or exercises, especially with larger muscle groups like legs and back.

The essentials…..

Drink a ton of H20 and don’t forget to focus during your workout on the muscle groups your working. When it comes to legs its about consistency and pushing yourself past your comfort zone, this is when your body is truly changing! So if you are looking to get the booty in shape and don’t want to let it go due to the holiday temptations, do this workout once a week and eat clean as always. So here it is…Have fun!

  • 20 minutes on Stairmill- Warmup

  • 5×25 Squats

  • 5×25 Plie Squats

  • 5×25 Weighted walking lunges

  • 5×25 resistance band glute kick-backs

  • 5×25 Weighted Glute bridges


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