Colorado Mountain Wedding Day

 So Ive been waiting to do this post and share with you all how my BIG  day turned out! Its now December 2017 and we got married this summer in the month of July. Its been five months married to my best friend, lover, adventure seeker and soulmate; this wedding day was such a beautiful collaboration of all the people we love and I'm excited to share it with you. 

I have vivid memories of everything around that day, I guess I should it was my wedding day! Ha.. The sound of the river flowing as we passed through one of my favorite little Colorado cities (Durango, CO), the cool breeze diving in between the amazing peaks and valleys of the San Juan Mountains, and the fresh smell of pine needles and wild flowers as I explored through the trails and mountains.

I grew up here in these mountains, and I knew I would one day get married right here on top of one of these gorgeous peaks. It only took me 33 years to find my price charming, but all good things come with time, is what most people say right? 

Nature has been for me a source of solace, inspiration, adventure and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.......

My Theme:

Being a hippy myself I definitely wanted it to have an organic feel, and our decor to be minimal since our true decor was natures own cathedral, which was the surrounding San Juan Mountains. I love succulents, natural colors, pastel pink flowers, and wanted everything to be as if it just fit there in that place.

I did not even pick a color theme palette, just what went together in collaboration with these gorgeous mountains. I honestly didn't want to spend to much time on the decor, since I knew most of guests would be starring at the views!

I have to give my mom props, because she put her blood, sweat, and tears into making this day come together perfectly. I also have to say her sense of decor and style was spot on! We spent many nights at hobby lobby, in the spare room covered in fabrics, succulents, rocks, ribbons, candles and more... Thank goodness for the wine and my mom, I would not have changed a thing!

The Location:

Our mountain of choice was Dantes' Peak at 12,000 feet, located on the property of Purgatory Mountain Resort in Colorado. They had three different options for locations, but this one was by far the best of the three. Seasonal access by vehicles; ski access during winter season.

Purgatory’s mountaintop venue offered a secluded setting with spectacular views of all five surrounding mountain ranges. The reception here featured an amazing experience for the guests with a large deck to soak in the scenery. I cant even say enough about this venue and place. Ill just share some images from Shutterfreek...

The Ceremony: 

The ceremony I wanted to be short and sweet, Ive been to tons of weddings and didn't want to have my guests sitting outside forever and I was honestly scared it would rain. We did have the reception right there in our own private cabin which was obviously indoors and made it so convenient for the whole entire event.

If you know Colorado like I the middle of summer, July is monsoon season and I was just crossing my fingers we did not get rain, although I was prepared for it if it did happen. Its kinda the risk I took having such an amazing location, but so well worth it!! It had not rained all day and so I was worried it would creep up on us... however, during the ceremony when my husband was reading his vows the sun came right out to say hello and there was never a drop of rain. 

It was a perfect temperature and a perfect day for me to marry my soulmate. We both wrote our own vows surrounded by all the friends and family who mean the most to us( about 80-100 total guests I don't even remember now). We celebrated with some sour diesel, Johnny walker, cake faces, dancing, laughing and in complete pure bliss!

We both had our squad to be there for our special day. Every single one of them are just amazing souls, and I am honored they shared this special day with me and my husband. Many traveled a hell of a long way to be here for this event and they helped a ton to make it run smoothly. I also totally loved having my daughter as one of my bridesmaids to stand up there with me on that day.

The Reception:

The reception was so much fun and it honestly was nice to get the stress of the ceremony over with, I was STARVING so more importantly the bride needed to eat haha! We enjoyed some drinks, ate our food, ate some cake, and danced away... what else can a girl ask for! Ill share the vendors used for my wedding at the bottom of the blog post. 

The reception was held right there on site at our own private lodge, the windows really is what made this venue and the older rustic feel gave me the feeling of being where I the mountains!

Our guests of course loved the views and we got lucky to have some deer peek out and say hi to the guests while we were eating making it a very enchanting experience. We did get to escape during the reception to take some really cool images (like the very first one you see on this blog post) and took some great new images as husband and wife in my reception dress. I had two dress's for my wedding, a ceremony dress and a reception everything else dress which was a great idea looking back . I am so glad the photographer took that opportunity to steal us away from the guests for a few to take those images.

Instead of a large cake we did cupcakes and just had a small cutting cake (Close up pictured above in the theme) for me and my husband. All I remember about that cake is that I could have eaten that entire thing, it was so delicious! My mom saved a slice to put in her freezer for us, so we can eat it on our one year anniversary... #Traditions 

Our dance was to Dave Matthews of course who else!