How To Stay Fit While Traveling

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Vacation is a luxury that most people look forward to creating memories for a lifetime. While on vacation most of us relax, eat too much, and enjoy ourselves. Just because vacation is a fun time doesn’t mean that you can’t stay healthy and fit. We are going to look at some of the best ways to stay fit and healthy while you travel. The most important part to staying healthy while on vacation is to plan ahead. Look at where you are going to travel and come up with a plan beforehand. Determine what options you have available at your destination and which items from the list below you can utilize.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

It is easy to forget to drink enough water while you are on vacation. While you are active and flying, water becomes even more important. Make sure that you remember to drink enough water. This will help you to process what you eat, stay healthy, and keep you cool. Bringing a water bottle with you can help to stay hydrated, and most definitely assist you in consuming more than you may normally drink. I like a 32oz bottle and will refill it several times throughout the day. I can add my protein to it, a lemon with some mint, or even some tea bags for flavor.

Take The Stairs

take the stairs

On vacation we spend a lot of time going to and from our hotel rooms. If you opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator you can work to stay in shape while you travel. Stairs are a great option in general to get a cardio workout. To get an extra workout you can go up and down the stairs a few extra times just to get your heart rate up. Opt to take the stairs any other chance you get. Whether it is walking up the stairs at a museum or taking the stairs when you go to the mall.

Ditch The Uber

Instead of renting a car or taking a cab, walk on your vacation or business trips. Go from sight to sight on foot, and even walk to and from dinner. Look for every opportunity you can to go out on foot and you will find yourself burning calories quickly. To burn off a few more calories look for sights that involve a fair amount of walking, like parks and museums. In case you don’t know the area well, Google Maps offers walking directions. That can help you to get around the city or town without worrying about getting lost. Of course, sometimes getting lost is half the fun. Let's keep it real... a mile only takes 10 minutes to walk at a slow pace so plan on leaving a 20 minutes early to walk that extra few mile sin the morning while you sip your cup of coffee.

Use The Airport As A Walking opportunity

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Sitting at your gate while waiting for an airplane is a wasted opportunity when it comes to getting fit and burning an extra few calories. Take your time to walk around the airport and pick up the pace. Go to all of the stores and walk around... If you still have time, continue walking around the airport until 15 minutes or so before your airplane is ready to board.

In addition, some airports have a gym that you can use, so do your research and if you have a lengthy delay or connection hit the gym. As people are getting more oriented toward fitness, more airports are getting gyms. Just make sure to bring a change of clothes! I also recommend having ergonomically friendly luggage like back backs and 360 wheel design roller bags. Trust me carrying that so cute tote bag isn't worth the trip to the chiropractor, or worse avoiding physical movement.

Choose A Hotel With A Fitness Center

More and more hotels have fitness centers so that their guests can workout while they are on the go. Make sure the fitness center has what you need to stay motivated to come in everyday, so take a look at the images on the google reviews to see the most recent view of how the gym may look. Try to get in there every day for at least 45min while staying there. Everything you do while you are on vacation or busy slaying business on the road for work adds up, so keep moving. I also always bring my resistance bands with me when I travel, I can use these in place of using equipment such as cables. I love my "Peach Bands!

Make Good Food Choices

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Splurging on food while on vacation or out for a business meal with colleagues is always a popular activity, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go overboard. Instead of ordering a full dessert each, try splitting desserts, that way everyone gets to try them and you don’t eat as much. Choose healthier plates at a nice restaurant that still taste great, but is prepared to be as healthy as possible avoiding any fried options. Good food choices is one of the best ways you can cut down on the negative impact of traveling. I have always said abs are made in the kitchen, so regardless of you working out or not... your food choices will be what really makes the difference.

If you want to be even healthier and save money at the same time, get a lunch tote and pack your own lunch every day. I really liked six pack bags , or Fitmark Bags for food storage while on the road. You can make healthier choices in what you eat, even if you aren’t able to cook. There are a lot of food options that don’t require a stove and that you can make in a snap. Hummus with vegetables, grab an apple and some peanut butter. I always carry my Rocksolid Nutrition protein powder with me to drink a few times a day, it helps maintain my muscle, increase my metabolism and starve off cravings.

(Lucky Marshmallow & Vanilla Cake Batter are my Favorite flavors)

Use Healthy Snacks Not Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can be very detrimental to our system, especially if you get one with sugar in it. Instead of an energy drink or some sugary snack to give you energy, stock up on healthy snacks. Protein can give you a lot of energy to get through your day. If you still need that boost of caffeine, try these low calorie Starbucks drink options.

Think nuts, vegetables, and fruits...

Get Enough Sleep


It may feel like a big challenge to get enough sleep when on vacation or traveling for business. There are so many things to see and do and you don’t want to miss out on any of them. On the other hand, for work you may be in meetings all day and then headed to team dinners in the evening giving you very little time in the day to workout let alone sleep right... Do your best to maximize what you see and get done without compromising your sleep. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, that will help your body to stay healthy and have the energy it needs to make it through the day. Sometimes I have to compromise sleep for workout and vis versa. And of course, try not to stay out too late.

Look For Local Chapters Of Your Gym

If you belong to a chain gym like 24 Hour Fitness, you can look for locations in the area that you will be staying in. Many chain gyms offer the ability to go to any gym that belongs to the chain. You can also get a traveling membership at some gyms. A few days before you travel, use Google to make sure that you have a gym available to you when you get to the destination. I always like to make sure there is one close to the hotel or the place I will be staying.

Bring A Fitness App

Whether you have Android or iPhone there are plenty of fitness apps that you can choose from. These apps can guide you through workouts that you don’t need a gym or any equipment for. Some will coach you through each step if they are workouts that you have never done before. A few apps will even allow you to hire a private fitness trainer for a session or two over the app. They use your phone to communicate with you and are able to offer an even more personalized level of health and fitness while on vacation.

I personally don't use many of those apps, but one i do use is my tracker to track my food, H2O and workouts while on the road . When I am traveling, eating out occurs daily, so this helps me monitor my caloric intake. Cocktails can really add up so make sure you just have a few and choose lower sugar options.

Workout In The Pool Before You Relax

Relaxing at the pool is a perfect way to spend many vacations. That pool can also be a great way to exercise and get your fitness in. Swim between 10 and 15 minutes of laps before you take the time to relax at the poolside. This will give you a fitness boost and make relaxing all the more enjoyable. Or if you're on the beach, there is even better ways to get in your workouts through paddle boarding, surfing, swimming, beachside body weight circuit, etc.

Every item on this list is designed to keep you healthy while traveling, no matter where you go. While a few of them might be dependent on certain factors, most options are still available to any traveler. Don’t forget to do the most important step and plan ahead!

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