5 Exercises to Torch Back Fat

Back exercises

Our back is one of the largest muscle groups on the body, and if your a female...training back can be a game changer!!

I have found over the years working with hundreds of women, that they sometimes focus on only two things... abs and booty. Well without a well defined, strong back your missing a very big piece of the puzzle!

Tank top and bikini season is always a reason for us to take a look at that rear view and see how things are looking. Back training often gets over looked because you can't see your back while you train. You can build up great muscle groups at the front of your body because you can see them in the mirror, but consistently training your lats, traps, rhomboids, and rear delts takes a lot more effort.

As we turn our summer pages and start our fall season again, don't forget this very important muscle group!

Large, dense muscles can burn more calories and thus more fat, so you want to build lean muscle mass using resistance exercises. In addition, our arms can only lift so much weight in isolation — and using girly little dumbbells will do little to improve our fitness or physique. Ladies, we need to embrace weight training and lifting heavier in order to shred the fat and display some definition.

So here they are, my favorite top 5 exercises for your next back day!!

1.) Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

2.) Underhand seated cable row

3.) Single arm Dumbell row

4.) T-Bar rows (one of my favorites)

5.) Deadlifts/Good mornings (Lower Back)


  • Train your back at least once per week and work up to twice. Keep in mind that we want to build a balanced, symmetrical physique. So if you've been skipping back day, it's time to re-focus back in on that back!!

  • I always use straps on my back days to take my grip, my forearms, and my biceps out of the exercises as much as possible. My back is also stronger than my grip, sop straps help me complete my sets without losing my grip.

  • I definitely love my back days, since they are planned out so carefully. I often use my mind muscle connection to pull the weight back, and hold the contraction. I like to really feel the muscles working.

  • Posture is everything, protect your back and pay attention!

Happy Lifting!

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