Healthy Summer Adventure Snacks

summer vacation snacks

As I write this post, its a few days past the 4th of July and I am sitting on my porch that is scorching hot from the heat here in sunny southern California. I am the type of person that likes to take a bunch of small trips throughout the summer instead of one big vacation. Since everything I love to do is mostly outdoors, its a must to plan for a summer adventures and have healthy snack options packed. This keeps me feeling energetic, lean, and able to fit into that bikini I just bought on Zaful ha...seriously though.

I will be headed out to Colorado to go hike one of my favorite 14ers (14,000 foot Mountain) Mount Sneffels in a few weeks and was thinking of things to get at the store to prepare for a few days in the mountains for our 1 year wedding time flies!

One of the things I focus on is calories, during long hikes its good to have healthy fats that are a little bit more caloric dense like nuts and peanut butter to sustain energy and keep me full. I also always grab some fresh fruit (mostly apples), to take with me. This one is a no-brainer... no preparation what so ever is needed and they are a great source of fiber.

So here they are, some options for your vacation snacks to keep your body fueled and waistline in check!

Nuts and Dates:

Nuts, almonds, dates

This combination can do many things, and they are wonderful for homemade granola bars! My husband is going to kill me when he reads this, because I seriously have not made them in awhile. I guess as I prepare for my adventure in a few weeks, I will make us a delicious batch to graze on for our hikes.

(The Dates are what keeps most granola bars moist and together). A variety of nuts can be used and they are jam packed with healthy fats and are more calorie dense, so they keep you fuller longer. Keep these in mind when looking for healthy choices for whatever summer vacation you have planned.



These delicious morsels are jam packed with essential fiber you need, and they are great for a summer hot day to quick your thirst. I opt for the green or red apple's and I often will slice them up and sprinkle cinnamon and stevia on them for a more dessert seriously taste's like apple pie!

Don't forget to wash them, and if you have a dehydrator at home then you can slice it up and create your own dried apples to include in trail mixes. Other options are sliced apples with peanut butter, additions to salads and more.



The almighty EGG....these are jam packed with essential amino acids, omega 3's, calcium and protein!

78 calories per egg

5 grams of fat

6 grams of protein

Eggs will last awhile too, if you boil them and keep them cool. The reason why I like boiled eggs is because of the convenience. Most of use on vacation don't have time nor the place to scramble an egg...aren't you out exploring?! I simply will boil a dozen for the trip, then with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper or even cayenne pepper. I can blend some avocado and sliced boiled eggs for a seriously perfect pick me up snack.



Yes, protein is something we can easily slack on when on summer vacation enjoying our mimosa's and frozen yogurts, but a good protein powder in a ziplock bag will do.

You can sprinkle it on your yogurt, use it in your granola bar recipe, or simply shake it up with some almond milk or water. Protein powder helps keep your metabolism high, sustain energy levels and will help hold on to those precious gains in the gym.

I suggest you find a good isolate in a flavor you can drink often. My favorite is the Vanilla cake batter by Rocksolid Nutrition shown here. I only align myself with brands that I believe in and this one I do....clean ingredients, great taste and perfect on the belly.

Tuna Fish:


Tuna fish has always been a great grab and go item that is filled with protein. It can be blended with avocado, organic mayo, or hummus sprinkled with a touch of salt and pepper. This one makes the list for these very reasons....but I also love that I can add my spices and eat it right out of the pouch when hiking and traveling.

This is a great one for the whole family! My daughter wouldn't want anything to do with a protein shake, (I have to sneak it in things), but a good'ol tuna sandwich always sounds good to her!

Now go ahead and enjoy your summer vacation without feeling guilty, with these options.

This post may contain affiliate links of the brands I know and trust.

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