Charlotte's Wed Improves Recovery

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Hope you all are having a wonderfully fit and fun summer! I am always getting questions about supplementation and what people should and shouldn’t take to help them reach their fitness goals. This task can be quite daunting simply because there are so many options available to the everyday consumer these days. It makes it challenging to know what if anything you should spend your money on.

I have always said that sticking to the basics and going with natural products is the best. Today I wanted to write a blog post on about something I found I have to share with my followers and that’s Charlotte’s Web which is a CBD-rich hemp oil and has been used by many professional athletes who have all reported increase in recovery time as well as reducing pain and inflammation.

I have read many articles and studies about the benefits of CBD oil and had to try this product out for myself and have my own experience to either report how amazing it is or the opposite. So i did my own experiment and now I’m going to share with you all the results of my experience using Charlotte’s webb. Im always open to trying things for recovery and quick turn around mostly for my leg days. I consistently for many years would train legs twice a week, but have to admit I’ve been slacking and train legs once a week and then it’s another 5 days to recover so hitting them twice a week right now isn’t possible unless I can improve my recovery time.

This will help me train them harder and more often which will help with muscle growth and increased metabolism. Remember that our legs are some of the largest muscles we have on our body and training them can improve your over all physical health because of this. Plus it takes a lot more energy to train large muscle groups your calorie burn isn’t just on when your working out but also after. I had to find something that could help me recover faster so I could train legs more frequently and hearing all the amazing things about CBD I figured I would give it a shot since many athletes talked up their recovery time. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Anti-Anxiety

  • Alleviates some pain conditions

  • Restores balance in the body

  • Promotes general wellness

The CBD hemp oil comes in a small bottle with a dripper with an amazing chocolate mint flavor it reminds me of the Thin Mint cookies from girl scouts….one word, Delicious! It says to use 2-3 drops pre and post workout, since I never start anything full dose I started with just 2 drops and added it into my shake. It tasted wonderful and just a much easier convenient way to take a recovery supplement instead of those messy BCAA although I still recommend you take your BCAA post workout (I actually drink mine during my workout).

After 2 weeks of consistently using the Charlottes Webb CBD oil I most definitely felt a difference. First and foremost I was able to see within even just a few days my general wellness and vitality had improved. I had better focus in the day and less lethargy in the evening (which is not good when you train after work or evening). With that said I do se that my recovery has improved and within 2 days after leg training the soreness is gone and I’m able to train legs again! Yay because I am on a mission to keep my legs strong and lean.

Hey we all hate walking around sore all day making those weird sounds as we get in and out of the car but like they say ‘no pain, no gain”. However, when your focused on growing a specific muscle group it is important to reduce inflammation and decrease your recovery time and this is what exactly the CBD hemp oil did for me. I found a supplement for not only now but life!

Happy Training!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CW Botanicals. The opinions and text are all mine.

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