Booty Builder Exercise of the Day

There are several ways to do kick back to build the booty, I also use resistance bands and the cable machine. When you do these make sure you keep your back straight, and put your mind into the muscle. The core should be tight and that lower back not arched. This one is great to tighten your booty and you can do it anywhere! It can be done with or without weights. In this one I’m using a 10b weight that I secure behind my knee. I do these at the end of my leg day doing 5 sets of 50.

Yes you heard that right… 5 sets of 50!!

Here was the rest of my workout:

  • Squats w/ 20lb Dumbells 5 sets of 15

  • Deadlifts w/ 40lb dumbells 5 sets of 15

  • Walking Lunges 5 sets of 15 reps per left

  • Leg curls 5 x 15

  • Bridges 5 x 25

  • Hamstring curls 5 x 15

I like higher volume on my legs, because this is a great way to get the blood flow and trigger muscle growth in my lower body. You will definitely feel the burn with or without the weight, resistance bands as I said earlier are also fantastic for these. You can do kickbacks in your house, out at the park, beach, gym, anywhere thats why I love kickbacks!

All these exercises where performed with a one minute rest in between, it then also becomes a killer fat burning workout. Also make sure you are drinking your Amino acids throughout the day to aid in recovery as well as a protein shake with 20minutes of your workout.

I recommend Rock Solid Nutrition Watermelon Aminos (Use my code: amberd20 at checkout for 20% off) I would love to get some feedback from my followers on any specific workouts you would like to see such as ‘at home workouts’ or ‘no weight workouts’. Just let me know and ill put together some content for you. Happy booty training :)

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