Asics Gel-Fit Sana Cross Training Shoe

New year, new goals and new shoes!
Get Fit with Asics…

I’m a believer that a new pair of shoes can not only make your feet feel exceptionally better but can bring confidence when walking into the gym, walking through the mall or simply anywhere. When I received the new Asics GEL-Fit Sana to review I was excited to not only have a new pair of kicks but some cross training shoes that would hopefully help me be more comfortable when doing cross training and plyometric workouts. I have a ton of running shoes and fashionable fitness shoes of course, but not a cross training shoe. I have to say that I highly recommend these and wish I had them earlier!

When I first got them I decided to put them on immediately (because who doesn’t when they get new shoes). Although I wasn’t going to the gym yet I figured I would feel them out and wear them to run some errands. The first thing I noticed was that they fit like a glove! They almost felt like custom fit shoes and my toes weren’t restricted at all, yet there was great support throughout the arch and top of the shoe. The Gel- Fit Sana adapts and supports your foot with the inner lining from the heel to the forefoot, and therefore gave me that barefoot-like sensation.

They also are so simple to put on; since they are so flexible the loop at the heel can literally be used by one hand to slip these shoes on. I like being able to have a shoe I’m not tying the shoe laces every time to get that fit, with these if I have my hands full it only takes one hand to slip these beauties on.

One concept I can’t express more is the color selection they made in these shoes and how pretty they are as well. It is one thing to have a great pair of functioning shoes when training but to have functional shoes that also are fashionable is another thing. I had to go with the turquoise color but the other options where great as well. The Asics GEL-Fit Sana definitely achieves that! Check out the flexible fitness fashion with Asics on Fitfluence for some more reviews.

Also check them out here.

So now that I got my new goals and my new shoes….Time for a new workout!

Box Jumps 4 sets: Jump onto the middle of the plyo box with your feet shoulder width apart, jump back down and land on the floor in a squat position with your feet wide.

Reverse Lunges 4 sets 20 each leg

Deadlifts 3 sets of 12 (heavy)

Rocket Jump to bicep curl 3 sets of 15: Start with your feet hip width, dumbbell’s at your sides and palms facing in, squat then jump pointing those toes downward, land in a squat then stand and perform the bicep curls with both arms.

Always protect your knees during plyometrics! Focus on landing softly to avoid shock to the joints.

Butt Blaster machine 5 sets of 20

Hip thrusts 4 sets of 15 with a 45lb barbell across your lap

Finish with Leg curls 6 sets of 15, the first 4 sets do as normal and the last 2 sets do single leg slow concentrating on the eccentric contraction of the move.

This is when you’re actively lengthening the muscle. That’s my final burn out and my legs were like jello as you can see in the pic I’m looking pretty exhausted.

I always have great workouts at the Athletic Factor gym in Pompano Beach! I also realized these Asics GEL-Fit Sana cross training shoes did wonders during this workout instead of my normal running shoes I wear to the gym. If you want to have great stability and comfort during your training these are definitely a must get!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.

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