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October 30, 2017

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Food Prep!


-Spend one day a week (I do a few hours on Sunday) to cook and prepare foods for the week. I will bake all my chicken and bake a large batch of my homemade sweet potato fries for the week. This is the key to successful clean eating. Being prepared will keep you on your weight loss goals.

-Carry a gallon of water with you at all times. This is my water for the day no matter what; I never run out and I can monitor how much im consuming during the day. I always at least finish ¾ of it. Sometimes the body can trigger hunger pains when indeed you are dehydrated. So drink a lot of water! This will keep your metabolism going and continuously flush toxins from the body (bonus is great skin).

-Purchase a food scale! This helps keep your portion size down and you will eventually learn to eyeball 4oz of turkey/chicken instead of weigh it. I use this a lot still when preparing my meats and sweet potatoes.

-I can not stress how important sleep is! Not getting at least 8 hours a night can really hinder your weight loss/ muscle gaining goals. The body produces most of it growth hormone while sleeping and this is what helps you stay lean and aids in muscle growth and recovery. I know personally that not getting the sleep i need will raise my cortisol levels and my body just will NOT get rid of that stubborn bodyfat, even with diet and exercise. So get your zzzzzzzz!

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