30 min lower body workout

We are always looking for ways to lean out our legs while burning calories and not spending hours in the gym. This is not only a great lower body workout but cardio as well. I did this last week and was just now able to do it again I’ve been so sore! So I thought I would share with you all. I usually try to train heavy on my legs, but I have also found quick circuit style workouts definitely serve their purpose. I only used a 15 lb weight and this could be done without any weight if your at home.

To start you’ll work your way in circle form doing only these 4 exercises:

-Front Lunge

-Reverse Lunge

-Side Lunge

-Dead Lifts

Start off by doing 2 per leg and 5 deadlifts at the end. Then you’ll take a 30second rest and start again from start except increase your reps to 3 per leg 5 deadlifts at the end. Continue clockwise for 30 minutes and feel the burn! Make sure you keep your form right and your knee doesn’t extend past your toes. I did a quick video to show you. Have fun and get that booty in shape! 🙂

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