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Recovery is essential…

This weekend it started to cool off in south Florida making it a great time to get outside and get a workout in, instead of being cooped up in the gym on a beautiful day. I am sticking to cardio 6x a week at this time to lean out a bit more. Indeed, changing it up often helps keep it fun and consistent. After debating for ever what to do for my workout, I decided I would take my bike out to the track and get in a workout.

To get ready before I left, I packed a couple Kill Cliff drinks knowing I would be thirsty after working out in the sun for a few hours. I also grabbed me some sunscreen, chapstick, headphones and a towel. I received a special delivery of some Kill Cliff drinks a few days before so I have been drinking them post workout or anytime really since they taste great.

I snapped a picture right after I popped open my first can, this one ended up being my one of my top picks of the three flavors I received. Kill Cliff can be drank at anytime of the day and are best served chilled, however even warm out of the box on my door step it was good.

Now moving on to the workout that kicked my booty and definitely got my heart pumping and legs burning! One thing I love most about track workouts is they are outdoors, also if you have no gym membership then no excuses, go find a local track!

The workout..

It was a 2.5 mile ride to the track one way so a 5 mile ride total. Once I arrived at the track, I did sprints, side lunges, burpees, jump squats and crunches.

I always want to treat myself after a great workout and a Kill Cliff does the trick! I brought two with me on my ride to the track. And its a great option instead of reaching for a diet soda or even another sugary beverage. Kill Cliff helps with recovery while tasting amazing, quenching my thirst and combating my sweet tooth.

A few days ago, when I came home from work to see some boxes of Kill Cliff drinks had arrived I was stoked. I wanted to have some in stock for the next few weeks, which I had to hide in the garage so my family doesn’t drink them all ha! The flavors I have are the Free Fall (lemon lime), Berry Legit, Tasty. I like them all, however the the lemon lime is my personal favorite!

  • HITT- Sprints around the track, I do 400 meter sprints and do these for a 20minutes with a short rest period. Im spent after 20min of HITT and its a great way to burn fat. My heart rate was sky high after doing these.

  • Side Lunges 3×25 each side

  • I did a super-set with the lunges and the burp’s 15×3

  • Jump squats 5×25

  • 5×50 bicycle crunches

Post Workout..

I drank 1 scoop of my regular protein powder with 1 banana after my track workout. Then I rode over to this area by the water, to have a place to post up and relax a minute and drink my last Kill Cliff. At this point it was hot, I was sweaty and seriously thirsty so it couldn’t be better timing finding this spot. These drinks are functional recovery drinks made up of B, C, and E vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts including ginger root, green tea extract, and ginseng root powder.

Drinking them can help you with recovery through micronutrient replenishment. These Kill Cliff drinks are an alternative to any other everyday beverage choices. They have no sugar, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors and only 15 calories! And it’s the perfect complement to macronutrient-based protein and carb recovery products. Kill Cliff also tastes AWESOME and just to be clear, it is NOT an energy drink!

For a good cause…

One thing I have always done is buy products that I know do things for a good cause by giving back. Kill Cliff is a Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation, and a portion of the proceeds from every KILL CLIFF Recovery Drink sold goes towards supporting these warriors and their families, how awesome is that! At least I know my addiction to these delicious little beverages is going to give back to supporting our vets. #KILLCLIFF #KILLTHEQUIT

If you want to try them for yourself you can do a trial purchase of a 4-Pack or full case at or with the Navy SEAL Foundation as the benefiting charity. People can sign up for our newsletter on the website and get 15% off your first order!

Quitting is not an option! Refresh. Recover. Repeat.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of KILL CLIFF. The opinions and text are all mine.

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