The battle of the abs.


Its a love hate relationship wouldn’t you agree? Oh the battle of the abs… Indeed we all want to walk around with flat toned abs all the time but I would be a huge liar to say I look like this all the time. Ive spent years in the gym, dieting and trying many different strategies and methods to see what works for my body. Also depending on what we eat, hormones and many other factors we can simply make you retain water in your abs. I rarely have six pack abs besides when I compete and Im completely happy not having them either. I do however try to maintain a very toned midsection and oblique definition. A look you would think of more model than “fitness”.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. I love Chocolate!

  2. I have made this a balanced lifestyle.

Now that Im 32 and my daughter is 13, Im focusing on my corporate career, maintaining the household, staying in shape, enjoying some travel and making memories with my family. Im not a 100% full time athlete, but I train daily and try to continuously set goals with my physique to reach them and challenge myself. At this point I want to make some money, save for my retirement and be healthy all while showing my daughter healthy habits as well. I don’t want to kill myself doing two a days in the gym…trust me Ive been there done that! Now days I can train 4-5 days a week for roughly 30min-1hour and Im able to maintain my current status.

I use this picture for this post particularly because this was two weeks of cutting out all sugars. Thats all I changed and I still enjoyed some tacos, guacamole and a few other things throughout the week! Its all about living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I don’t cut out anything I just make a healthier version of that particular food Im craving. Step outside of your comfort zone and get creative with your food, you’ll be surprised at what things you can enjoy all while not packing on the pounds directly to your abs ugh

A few tips to reducing bloat:
  • Dandelion Tea

  • Drink lots of water

  • Asparagus

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